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Ram Ashrey

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RAM ASREY was established in the year 1805 in Lucknow. Since then it has been the epitome of traditional Indian sweets. Lost may the pomp and grandeur of
the Nawabs of Awadh but the taste of sweets still stays at its authentic best.Ram Asrey features the selection of rare sweet delicacies some from centuries
ago. The name itself strikes a musical chord .string them together and you have an array of sweets with A TASTE SO FINE,YOU”LL FIND IT IRRESISTIBLE. SO

Ram Asrey is not just a business establishment but also an exclusive heritage of traditional Indian sweets. Over 200 years, it has a become synonym of
authentic Indian sweets.

The reason behind Ram Asrey been in the sweet making business till now is the maintenance of the product quality. Another reason for the success is that
they never really changed the traditional recipies but kept changing with the times by coping with the new demands in serving sweets.

Ram Asrey has also been credited with innovation of many sweets over the years – the most famous being MALAI PAAN.
It has probably the rarest collection of exclusive sweets starting from 150 years old Kashmiri delight NAKUL to the most recent FORTUNE BITES.
Apart from it, it also pampers your taste with traditional BENGALI SWEETS, GAZAKS, PETHA delights etc.Ram Ashrey , 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating



Street Address

43/48 newal Kishore Road hazratganj lucknow-226001 india