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As one of the top most event management companies in UP, We offer Event Planning, Event Management and Event Marketing Services for personal events,
corporate events, sports events, marketing events, conferences, exhibitions, consumer shows, product launch and weddings.

We are specialized in creating top Ideas and making biased Themes as per the client’s requirements, costing and timeline. We have the capability to
transform even a small and simple event into a successful one.

The company’s reputation for getting things right and delivering, beyond expectation, is a result of experience, expertise and a dedicated, tightly-knit
team with an ability to immerse itself into a wider organisation.

Attention To Detail
An event is normally a large gathering of people who have come to a particular place at a particular time for a reason. Having said that, there’s very
little that’s normal about an event. In our experience, each one is different and their variety is enormous. And that isas it should be: an event is
something special, a one-off.

We plan these occasions in meticulous detail, manage them from the ground, dismantle them when they’re over and assess the result. Sounds simple?
It’s anything but. Our job extends from booking pop stars to forecasting demand for port loos. On one day we could be dressing a factory to look like
a Renaissance Palace, on another we’ll be making sure that 250,000 rose petals are in peak condition for a giant
Asian Wedding.

Any event is a multi-skill operation and our accumulated know-how and desire to be the best means we stay abreast, and often ahead, of the latest
developments in this fast-moving, constantly evolving area. We’re positively trained about new technology.

Every member of Kaaryakramars is a people person. This is something that’s seldom flagged up on financial year-end spread sheets. However, trust,
mutual respect and co-operative practice unfailingly prove to be huge contributing factors to a successful, important event. You can have complete
confidence in us to deliver an event for you that exceed your expectations.Kaaryakramars, 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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661 Rajender Nagar Aishbagh, Ahilya Bai Nagar, Lucknow - 226022