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Narain Institute was established on 18th June 1998 by collective efforts of Er. M.A.Khan, T.N. Singh, M.R. Maurya & Er. K.D. Singh for preparing students for various engineering & Medical Entrace Examinations. The institute has produced remarkable results in its first year sweaping off the old conventional coaching techiniques and from then to till date there is no turning back and narain institute in last 10 years has emersed as the leader and left others way beyond to follow.

The institute was started in a small area of 2400sq. ft and at present the institute is running its centres in three places in the city to accomodate more than 3000 students per year.

Needless to say, all this could be possible only due to the blessings of the Almighty, proper planning, sincere implementation of the planning, taking timely feedback from the students regarding their level of satisfaction and follow up action to plus the shortcomings felt by the students from time to time.

Every year the institute uses its R&D results for the forth comming session and trains the whole new genration to face expected unexpected!!


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4th New Janpath Complex Hazratganj, Also In VIP Road Nahar Chauraha Near Adharshila Complex Alam Bag